Sales & Acquisitions


Sales & Acquisitions

Probably one of the most thrilling acquisitions you can ever make is buying your own aircraft. However, with such a complex purchase, there are many factors you need to consider to ensure you find exactly the right one. With years of specialist experience and a team of leading experts, we can guide you and support you throughout the process.

We start with an in-depth assessment of exactly what you need in the aircraft. This includes not only the budget for the purchase but also the operating costs and any refurbishments you might wish to make plus any crew training requirements. We will analyse your travel needs, typical passenger number, crew requirements, aircraft base and maintenance, fiscal consideration and timescale of the delivery.

Having established your individual requirements we present you with a portfolio of suitable aircrafts, all rigorously researched and personally checked by us. Once you have chosen, we negotiate the best contracts to acquire the aircraft for you from within our extensive aviation network.

When selling an aircraft, we source potential buyers, liaise with media marketing specialists and, upon completion, handle all legal paperwork. Our completely transparent service is carried out on a strict fixed-fee basis so you can be assured there are no hidden costs.