PHENOM 100, the Very Light Jet

Turbofan Engines and Relax on board with the Very Light Jet Phenom 100

The lightweight private jet Phenom 100 is perfect for your business or private flights.

This Very Light Jet is one of the most refined and exclusive aircraft offered by Cielo Aviation.

Two are the engines that drive the fuselage of the Phenom 100 in the clouds of the sky, the famous Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617 -F. These engines are turbofan jet engines airbreathing, they are motors driven by a jet of hot exhaust gas formed by air that is sucked into the engine through an inlet duct.

The word “turbofan” is in fact composed by “turbine” and “fan”, the turbo portion refers to a gas turbine engine that takes mechanical energy from the combustion and the fan, a ducted fan that uses the mechanical energy from the turbine gas to accelerate air backwards.

The elegance of the interior and the limited passenger capacity, only four people with the option to increase it to six, make a flight with the Phenom 100 an exclusive and intimate journey ideal for relaxing.