Speed ​​and Luxury

Fly with Cielo Aviation on Cessna CITATION X

Cielo Aviation offers a wide range of opportunities composed only of first choice aircrafts built by the best manufacturers on the market.

Today we present you the Cessna 750 CITATION X, the long-medium-range business jet that can accommodate up to a maximum of eight passengers.

Flying over this jet means to choose speed and luxury.

CITATION X is the fastest aircraft in its class, it is powered by two turbo fan branded Rolls- Royce up to Mach 0.92 .

We’re talking about 977km / h!

Remember to say hello from the window when you will pass by the other jets.

But speed is nothing without control, which is why the interiors of CITATION X have been designed to guarantee the best comfort to make you forget stress and tiredness and to enable you to find the selfcontrol necessary to close an important contract.

We just introdced you CITATION X, the best in his field, but this is just one of the ten pieces parked in our hangar and ready to fulfill your needs .

Check out the full list of our aircraft and remember:  our sky , your flight.