The history of the propeller

The jet engines are born from boats

You have to know that the idea of the construction of jet engines was inspired by the sea propeller,those that were used by boats to sail.

The first marine propeller was made by William Lyttleton in 1794.

The Lyttleton’s engine was constituted by three helical threads protruding from a suspended cylinder to the hull of the boat.

The first of May, 1784 Launoy and Bienvenu presented at the Academy of Sciences in Paris a toy helicopter consisting of two four-bladed propellers fashioned with feathers.

There was a long period of application of the propeller of Launoy and Bienvenu both in the field of navigation and aeronautics.

The development that characterized the next century, produced a great knowledge of the propeller and in the early ’900 the propeller was used in the first propulsion powered flight.