Discover the many benefits of flying on a private jet.

Choose to fly privately with Cielo Aviation.

There are many advantages about choosing to fly on a private jet. Of course to fly on a private jet means travelling in luxury but the real benefits of flying on a private plane are convenience and efficiency: passengers are not forced to land in crowded airports and, if you live near a small airport, you can choose to fly directly from that airport avoiding the traffic and stress to reach the large commercial airports.

Even if passengers choose to fly from a commercial airport they will still have a dedicated area called FBO (Fixed Base of Operations) that allows them to avoid all the hustle and bustle inside the airport terminals .

In addition, the dedicated parking spaces for those who fly privately are free 24/7 and secure. The drivers of the airport shuttles are available to carry luggage on the plane. Passengers travel with their luggage, so there is no reason to worry that your luggage is lost, damaged or sent to a wrong city .

Flying privately also protects from stress and frustration caused by long queues to pass the security checks , no reason to rush headlong into the terminal . And, once on board , passengers can choose when to drink and eat as much as previously ordered.

Flying privately is privacy. The only people on board are invited by the lead passenger . The group can work without interruptions or hold meetings if necessary.  The aircraft are equipped with laptop connections , some even have phone and fax in the cabin. Depending on the aircraft, passengers can listen to music, watch movies or TV, even satellite. They can walk around and change positions. During the night it i salso possible to arrange the beds to rest comfortably.

Before landing , the crew contacts the ground transportation  so passengers do not have to wait. Passengers who choose to fly privately, arrive at destination rested, refreshed and ready to work, play, discover new places.

Flying privately allows you to save time and do more. You can visit multiple destinations in a single day, or change flight times and destinations according to your needs.

Choose to fly privately with Cielo Aviation.