Learjet: a family choice for Cielo Aviation

Fly with Cielo Aviation on Learjet 45

Cielo Aviation offers a wide choice of private jets to allow you to intensely live your trip. You can find a wide window of opportunities that will satisfy you because it consists of best aircrafts on the market designed by the best manufacturers.

Today, we would like to talk you about LEARJET, the biggest worldwide manufacturer that has been building aircrafts for 50 years.

LEARJET’s story starts in 1963 when, with its first flight dated 7th of October of the same year, the company gave birth to the business jet in the world .

Bill Lear turned a dream into the reason of his life, giving bitrth to a company that is still leader in the industry of superlight and midsize jets.

The line and the performance of LEARJET’S aircraft constantly inspires new generations of builders who, however, still can not reach the level of highly innovative technology that characterizes LEARJET.

The selection of private jets at your disposal at Cielo Aviation, includes LEARJET 45 – a last generation private jet.

With Learjet 45 you have the opportunity to enter a family history lasting from over half a century and that still has much to say on the international scene.