Our helicopters, a choice of style.

Reach the ski slopes with Cielo Aviation

The ski season started. Cielo Aviation offeres you the perfect solution to reach your favorite destinations.

How? On board of one of our helicopters!

Imagine landing directly a few steps away from the ski lifts , with the helicopter blades that create a swirl of snowflakes, and you, already dressed in your ski suit, with your skis at your feet, take a seat and begin to climb the mountain ridge.

Then the question is: why imagine ?

Cielo Aviation makes your dreams come true.

We offer you three top helicopters characterized by aggressive lines combined with a great inside comfort, just like we use to do with our air taxi or private jets.

You can choose between AS365 DAUPHIN, AgustaWestland AW109 and Eurocopter AS350 ECUREUIL.

These helicopters will take you on peaks that other means of transportation could not even imagine to achieve.

You simply need to choose the destination.
And what about the luggage?

We will organize the transportation of your luggage from the point of arrival directly to the hotel or cottage you choose for your stay.

So, what are you waiting for?

Plan your flight by helicopter with Cielo Aviation!