Heavy Jet Challenger 850

Private Jet Challenger 850: elegance and comfort inside

In previous articles, we already talked you about the Bombarider Aerospace and their CHALLENGER 605, a Heavy Jet included in the offer of Cielo Aviation.

Today, we present you another aircraft belonging to the category Heavy Jets: the Challenger 850.

The Private Jet Challenger 850 derives from the Bombardier CRJ200.

Characterized by great elegance in the interiors, it is able to accommodate up to a maximum of 16 passengers.

With its two jet engines General Electric CF34 – 3B1 and a wingspan of 21:21 m , the Challenger 850 will take you to the cruising speed of 819 km/h, into the silence of the clouds.

Bombardier, with its Challenger 850 Heavy Jet, has re- defined the guidelines of what is “class” inside an aircraft, always managing to exceed the expectations of those who choose to fly with them.

Of course , Cielo Aviation could not miss this gem and put it at your disposal.