Campini and the first propulsion jet engine.

The first flight of a propulsion jet engine aircraft

Today Cielo Aviation tells you about engineer Campini, the first man in the world to study and implement the first propulsion jet engine.

In 1931 he founded the Campini V.E.N.A.R. ( Reaction Vessels and aircrafts ) to construct reaction engines and, in the same year, he realized, in collaboration with the company Costruzioni Meccaniche Riva from Milano, the first motorboat in the world driven by a jet. During the first demonstration in 1932 in Venice, this motorboat surpassed the speed of 28 knots and it was only the beginning .

On February the fifth 1934, the Air Ministry and Eng. Campini signed a contract to build two aircraft with jet engines and fuselage for tests. Because they had not enough resources to carry out their designs they affiliated with the SocietĂ  Aeroplani Caproni di Taliedo while remaining solely responsible for the direction of the construction including calculation and design of the aircraft.

On August the twentyseventh 1940, the first prototype was tested in flight for 10 minutes by the great pilot Mario De Bernardi.

Subsequently on September the sixteenth it was tested in flight again to collect improvements for the second prototype which flew for the first time on April the eleventh, 1941.

On November thirtieth 1941, at 14:47 Mario De Bernardi and Eng. John Pedace ( Secretary of the Associazione Pionieri d’Italia) made an official flight onboard of the second prototype. They flow from the airport Milano-Linate Forlanini till the one of Guidonia in Roma, flying over Pisa and landing at 16:58 after traveling 475.554 km at an average of 217.147 km / h, the “afterburner” was never activated to save fuel according to the will of the pilot.

It was a great success. Mussolini personally complimented with De Bernardi and some low-altitude flights were made over Rome. This event caused a great sensation all around the world and 33 states congratulated with the Italian government.

These flights were recognized by F.A.I. ( Federation Internationale Aeronatique ) as the first in the world for a jet engine aircraft as it was not aware of the secret project of the German Hans von Ohain and Heinkel group, who managed to fly with the extraordinary He.178 exactly one year before on August the twentyseventh, 1939.