Blériot XI 1909: a great dream called flight

The first aerial crossing of the English Channel

Cielo Aviation guarantees you a wide range of VIP Airbus for your flights . The planes that we offer are the latest discoveries in the field of aviation, but we also like to look back and tell you the story of this great dream called flight.

We jump back in time and get to 1900, the year when the French industrialist Louis Blériot ( 1872-1936 ) decided to make public his areonautical studies and presented to the world the project TYPE VIII that will run 28 km on the First of November, 1908.

The meeting with Raymond Saulnier brings Blériot to present, in 1909, the project that has revolutionized the aviation world. The name of this project is : TYPE XI monoplane with braced wings and fuselage pylon for lateral control of the flight.

We are in January of that year when the TYPE XI renamed Bleriot XI, begins its flight testing and, in the following months, the Italian three-cylinder engines 25CV from Alessandro Anzani, give Blériot the impetus to try a new adventure that will go down in history.

On 25 July 1909 Bleriot crossed the English Channel, winning universal fame and even a small cash prize, 1,000 £ to be precise.