Airbus ACJ320

Airbus ACJ320: absolute leader among the Airbus Corporate Jets, equipped with VIP cabins

As you know Cielo Aviation has choosen to offer only the best solutions to its customers.

The list of our airbus could not miss the Airbus ACJ320 entirely conceived, designed, built and finished AIRBUS CORPORATE CENTRE.

With headquartered in Toulouse, the AIRBUS CORPORATE CENTRE was funded in 2007 when the former EADS was absorbed and re-launched to create the best Airbus Corporate Jet around the world and also becoming a leader in the construction of VIP cabins.

Cielo Aviation has selected their Airbus ACJ320 for your travels at high altitudes .

With its one hundred square meters of fully customizable cabin; boost engine that can reach 120 kN; wingspan of 35.80 meters and the latest technology in the field of aviation, the Airbus ACJ320 is ideal for a luxury trip in the clouds, a trip made of soft leather and high-quality interiors. A trip that will bring you to your destination fully regenerated and relaxed.