A340 Commercial Jets

AIRBUS S.A.S.: for long haul flights

Cielo Aviation offers you a wide range of private jets , helicopters and commercial aircraft to freely fly around the blue sky and reach your destinations in a short time and in total comfort.

This week we want to introduce you the Airbus A340 -300 from the company AIRBUS SAS, a leading company in the market.

AIRBUS SAS is ready to confirm its leading presence on the top of the market in 2014 as the President Brégier declared in an interview at the end of 2013: ” In 2014 , there will be further improvements in our global competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness .

The A340 -300 airbus belongs to the family of A340 together with A200, A400, A500 (in the image) and A600.

The four-engine A340- 300 airbus features one of the quietest cabins in the sky – a key element for relaxation during the long-haul that can be flown on board of this airbus.

The A340 -300 can seat 300 passengers in a typical two-class configuration, while accommodating up to 440 travelers in a high density arrangement .

A340 LONG HAUL  of Cielo Aviation: the Commercial Jet you were looking for.