CIELO Aviation can arrange flights to any destination in the world, subject to the operational capacity at the destination airport and obtaining landing and overflight permits.

Depending on which airport you are flying from, we could get you on board in as little as two hours. Having said so, we do suggest to make your reservation a few days before the flight date, as this would grant you a broader choice of available aircrafts.

Booking a charter flight is pretty straight forward, we will initially collect relevant information such as routes, dates, passenger number and then provide you with an array of solutions based on different aircraft types. Once you select an aircraft, we can proceed with contract signature, payment and complete the reservation.

Of course, just let us know at the time of the request and we will present options on the request aircraft types and alternatives of the same category

It depends on the type of aircraft booked and on the number of passengers, as an indication please consider 15 to 20 kg per passenger.

Please check in at the indicated terminal at least 20 minutes before scheduled departure

Our team will fulfil any special requests you may have and Catering can be ordered on any flights, however please note that additional fees may apply depending in the request and on the aircraft booked.

All private jets that operate charter flights must follow the same regulations that commercial airlines follow.
We only work with aircrafts that are fitted out in accordance with the most stringent European JAR OPS 1/EASA or American FAR part145 regulations, and hold a licence for public transport (AOC).