Business Airport World Expo 2014

Business Airport World Expo at the Farnborough in London

The Business Airport World Expo was held at the Farnborough London airport from 26-27 March.

This airport is operated by TAG Farnborough and composed of 2,000 meters of runways that directly welcomed the guests into the display structure in an ultra-luxury hotel creating a real flight experience while walking on the ground.

The event attracted visitors from over 30 countries with delegations from all over the world demonstrating to be a global event ready to compete with the giants exhibition in the Middle East.

The booths guaranteed an all-round vision of the aviation world with OSA exhibitions, land – managers and the presence of the representatives of business airports from all around the world – the Caribbean, the United States, France, Italy and India, to name a few .

Graham Johnson, chief executive officer responsible for the organization, declared at the end of the event, to be satisfied with the outcome of the Business Airport World Expo 2014, and that , in addition to consolidating the old working relationship with the company, welcomed and presented new realities and ready to make their mark in the coming years.