ATR 72 turboprop short-haul regional airliner

Stylish and silence characterize the Commercial Jet Regional Airliner ATR 72

Cielo Aviation always pays attension to details. Details are able to raise the comfort offered during a private flight, and to make the flight unforgettable.

Today, we present you the Commercial Jet Regional Airliner ATR 72 .

Developed from the smaller ATR 42 can carry up to a maximum of 72 passengers. It re-evaluates and revolutionizes the space in the elegant deesign cab. The cab is soundproofed thanks to the latest discoveries in the field of aviation.

With its engines PW127F, extremely efficient even in case of difficult flights due to turbulence, the Commercial Jet Regional Airliner ATR 72 is definitely the best that you can find in the field of regional flights.

Powered by ATR, a company born in 1981 by a joint venture between the French company EADS (formerly Aerospace ) and the Italian Alenia Aermacchi ( formerly called Aeritalia ), the Commercial Jet ATR 72 is used by more than 180 airlines to fly in more than 90 countries.